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Practical data & insights solutions

Simple, Practical, Agile

In 2016, we set out to create and deliver solutions that would transform the way organisations use their data. Our goal is to create solutions that work, help people to do their critical work better by making data & insights available at the right time in the right form and to the right people.

With quality data, right technology, simple and efficient governance processes organisations today can solve hard problems and have a greater impact on society and the world. With a myriad of technologies available to solve the same problem in multiple ways, we see data solutions take too long to deploy, require too many services and processes to maintain and improve. We need to take a different approach and focus to make data solutions simple, practical and agile.

Our Approach

Providing holistic service

To enable organisations to leverage their data assets with actionable insights

Architecture & design frameworks

Utilising cloud, hybrid and on-premise models for traditional and big data solutions

Data management & governance

Focusing on simple and practical techniques to ease and integrate with regular work

Delivery & assurance

Ensure the solutions are delivered and can be measured on the outcomes that the organisation requires

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